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Thank you for coming to Forest Dan’s schedule of events.  Things are just beginning to happen for 2013, with a few events set.  An early event each year is always Tree School, this year on Saturday March 23rd at Clackamas Community College, followed the next Thursday by Tree School Umpqua at Rogue Community College on March 28th.

*As always, many events are penciled in quickly, with short notice and smaller audiences.  For instance, this  January Forest Dan did a half day presentation with his local chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands  Association, live in the woods, walking through the various topics folks might encounter or want to participate in at Tree School.  Some live-in-the-woods action was demonstrated and there will be a follow up 3 hour session on forestry techniques, timber falling and chainsaw use coming up as the first things on the schedule.

Marion-Polk county chapter of OSWA (Oregon Small Woodlands Association) forestry day

March 9th, Forest Dan’s home forestland, Willamina, Oregon. 9am - noon

Tree School

March 23rd Clackamas

March 28th Roseburg

April 27th  Rogue Valley

This event, now in its 24th year, is the premier education event for forest landowners in Oregon.  The Clackamas County OSU Extension under the direction of Mike Bondi has hosted this always fantastic event with the goal of providing an ever expanding range of classes, this year totaling over 70.  Mike Bondi has handed Tree School over to Glen Ahrens, a long time educator and extension forester in WA and OR, who will be overseeing this great event from this year forward.  Forest Dan will be teaching three sessions, including chainsaw sharpening, tree felling skills  and the economics of firewood and your community firewood network.  Tree School Umpqua is a smaller venue with less class offerings, and Tree School East Baker City and Tree School Rogue are uniquely configured for the local forest environments and applicable topics.    Since Tree school is such a large and well publicized event, please visit the OSU Extension website for full details of all of the great classes being offered.

Please check back later in the year for further scheduled events. IN ADDITION, please do not discount the various programs and presentations put forth by your local landowner association, such as the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, the Washington Farm Forestry Association, or the Idaho and California Forest Landowners.

Please call or e-mail Forest Dan for further information;
503 876 4488,


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