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Forest Dan is demonstrating low impact operations to a group of students as well as adults, that have come to the Sierra Nevada Small Farm Progress Day. This event was held near Grass Valley CA as part of the 2-day Loma Rica Organic Farm Harvest Festival. With a festival atmosphere and the emphasis on low impact and organic operations, attendees were delighted to find a knowledgeable fellow not only talking that talk, but walking the walk. As a result of the demonstrations Forest Dan put on that day, many requests were fielded for educational presentations to many groups, who had not had this level of information presented to them before.


Forest Dan has demonstrated tools and techniques to audiences nationwide, including agency personnel. Here, FD explains techniques for doing low-impact fire fuels reduction projects to a group of US Forest Service employees in the Deschutes National Forest. Notice the hot air that Forest Dan emits during the Fire Fuels Reduction Equipment Trials that were held at several locations throughout the Northwest in 2002. During these trials, many equipment types and different prescriptions for fuels reduction were experimented with, resulting in data for the efficiency and workability of these operations. Since that time, Forest Dan has participated in several fire fuels reduction projects on the dry side of the Cascade Mountains, often working with inmate labor crews or community action groups.


In this photo Forest Dan demonstrates high pruning techniques and equipment to a group with the Washington Farm Forestry Association. Many forest landowners in the Pacific NW are interested in high pruning their conifer stands for higher log values, reduced fire ladder fuels and general aesthetics. Forest Dan is one of very few that know the forestry pruning topic inside and out and is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader on the subject.


In this photo, Forest Dan leads a group of family forest landowners on a hike up an old growth valley in the coast range mountains of Oregon. Forest Dan has been a member of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association for 35 years, starting when he was in High School and was planting his forest with his father. Later, Forest Dan became very involved with the OSWA programs and has led numerous tours, presented countless workshops and been involved with the organization from a leadership position. One of the things Forest Dan always emphasizes is that the basis for understanding forests, is understanding how forests have always worked without man, and then how they can work with man. kl654

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