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For Years, Forest Dan has traveled most of the US demonstrating how small scale forestry equipment can be used for sensitive yet easy and productive forest operations.

Sensitive forest operations may be done with skilled manual labor, or any of the state of the art logging machinery available. What is desired in most operations is a near zero damage level forest operation in thinnings, or very little ground disturbance in larger operations. Skilled operators with an eye for the land can produce the desired results in nearly any situation and are to be held in high regard.

Wherever Forest Dan has done the small scale operations, the forest is healthier and obviously thriving. When Forest Dan comes by that spot years later, he wishes that he had left a Forest Dan Was Here sign. So, wherever Forest Dan goes to discuss and demonstrate forest stewardship, he’ll plant a small sign.

Can Forest Dan come and present a workshop on your property? You can take down the sign if you like, but your demo property and those folks that attend the event will benefit for a long time!

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