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Hello I'm Forest Dan

Forest Dan videos will be available in the winter of 07-08. they are being shot and edited as you read, and will be in an initial sequence of 3, with further editions later.

The Prices for these Video DVD's area as follows;

  • Founders club $100
    • Pay once and receive up uo 10 Forest Dan DVD's as they are released
  • Early Agreement $50
    • Pay once and receive the first 3 Forest Dan DVD's
  • Buy this first one $20
    • Shipped as soon as released.
  • See Excerpts on Web $0

The First 3 Forest Dan Video DVD's will be characterized as follows;

  1. Tools and Techniques for Low-Impact Forest Operations.
  2. The Full Spectrum of Forestry Issues, with an Encyclopedia of Forestry and
    Environmental Resources.
  3. Forest Dan the Citizen

These are subject to change until release

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