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Forest Dan’s Full Spectrum Forestry program began in 2004, with the Oregon Family Forest Fair. Then and always, the program is free and open to the public, with thanks to sponsors for the expenses.

The point of the Full Spectrum Forestry events are to get the most targeted information to the most people, including the general public that shares an interest.

The program takes on several variations, depending on the venue and the attendees, but nearly always includes a broad but complete description of the vast range of topics that make up forestry and discussions about forestry. This is for children and adults, Tree Huggers and Tree Whackers, and everyone in between.

In the FSF program, questions from the attendees drives the direction of the discussions and no questions go unanswered or referred. The initial description of the Full Spectrum of Forestry includes a broad range of topics falling into three main categories;

  • These Wonderful Forests
  • Valuable Forest Products and other Marketable attributes
  • Enterprise, managing much more than just the forest..

These main categories are then broken out in understandable subjects and presented or discussed until all aspects have been explored. For an example, please see the schedule for the day of the Family Forest Fair of 2004.

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